Data Conversion

At Bandi quality is of utmost concern. We meet client requirements under every circumstances. We have completed several jobs with accuracy of over 99.998%

Procedure for Quality Control

STAGE1 : On receiving the job, the coding specialists convert the client specifications into corresponding ITO standard coding format. This is done to avoid ambiguities among operators due to different clientele. 

STAGE2 : The job is divided into batches and each batch of document has a covering "Keying Specification Instruction Sheet". 

STAGE3 : Two data typists enter the data in different files to generate the output say A & B. 

STAGE4 : These two files are electronically compared through a software developed by us. The program stops where it finds and mismatch between the two files giving the operators the opportunity to correct the mistakes. Two operators to generate the output files say C & D do this type of comparison. 

STAGE5 : The two files (C & D) are again electronically compared (as in Step 4) to generate the file say E. 

STAGE6 : The whole text in file E is proof read by qualified proof readers. The readers read the text for not only spelling and punctuation, but also the codes as per the Keying Specifications. 

STAGE7 : Parallel to proof reading, all files are run through the conversion program to convert the client specific coding to ITO standard in-house coding.

STAGE8 : The text file (E) is edited for correcting the errors found during proof reading. 

STAGE9 : The above corrections are again verified to leave NO scope of error and the perfect data file generated.

FINAL STAGE : The data file generated is either modemed or transferred onto the Internet FTP site or couriered on micro-disk as per clients requirement.



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