HIPAA, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996, requires any organization that electronically stores or transmits patient information to adhere to HIPAA privacy, security and transactions standards. It ensures privacy and security of each patient’s health records.

Bandi  respects the HIPAA law and ensures compliance is adhered to strictly. We respect all patient information provided by our client and do not disclose any information. We have a zero tolerance policy for any breach of confidentiality. Our well-defined processes aid in BANDI’ commitment towards HIPAA compliance.
  • Highly secure 128-bit SSL HIPAA-compliant servers.
  • All dictation files are encrypted. Our software allows MTs to download audio files and send transcribed files back to server securely leaving no trails behind.
  • Daily backup is acquired for all client information and patient data with redundant hard drives and mirroring servers at two geographically different locations.
  • All data are secured behind firewall devices
  • Outgoing emails are encrypted. Unofficial web sites are restricted.
  • No external hard drives, disks, or computer accessories are permitted into the office premises.
  • All computers, programs, applications have password-protected logins.
  • solated compartment for IT department with restricted entry of unauthorized personnel.
  • Latest antivirus programs are installed on all PCs, which are upgraded periodically.
  • Every individual who has access to any sensitive information, patient records, voice files, etc., has the appropriate clearances and has signed confidentiality agreements.
  • Every team member is trained with strict guidelines on security, privacy, and confidentiality.
  • All important department entry point possesses secured access for physical entry and every staff member is provided with access/swipe cards to enter into the premises.



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